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Yamauchi Suzuran Skandal SKE48 Member Sex Scandal Revealed

Yamauchi Suzuran Skandal SKE48 Member Sex Scandal Revealed



2014年には週刊文春が、AK Bメンバーの母親への取材で「夜遊びが盛んな子たちが地方のグループに飛ばされた」という証言を記事にしています。

At weekly shinchi selling tomorrow 18th, SKE 48 Mr. Yamauchi Suzuran and former Johnny’s Jr. Mr. Yuuto Aragaki are reported to be related.
SKE Yamauchi Suzuran is a transfer group from AKB, but SKE Sumi Sumi of the transfer group also touched Johnny’s Jr. Tanaka Tree in 2015 with a sneaky backstop and became a fuss.
In 2015, a weekly woman said, “AKB members who had been playing around with Johnny’s and Gongkong were released back to local groups,” with some real names.

In 2014, Shukan Bunshun has a testimony to the AKB members’ interview with their mothers that “children playful in the night sports have been blown away by local groups”.


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