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Sutou Ririka Scandal Marriage Could Cost NMB48

The popular member of NMB 48 who declared “I love people for the first time, I am married” abruptly by ranking in 20th in the AKB 48 election general election on June 17, abruptly with a speech, Ririka Sutou (20). “Weekly Bunshun Digital” covered and shot Suto’s hot love stay date.

A devil 67, a daughter who is a talented woman who talks as a “philosopher” has caught Riripon is a general man who takes a medical-related job. Suto Ririka who finished the live broadcast on the evening of May 8 finished shopping at 109 in Shibuya and went to his home in Toshima Ward by taxi. Sudo again appeared at 6 pm the following 9th.

In response to the direct interview, the man replied “There were friends”, but the interview team has not confirmed the entry and exit to rooms other than two people. Sutou’s office belonging to the factory asked for fact confirmation, but there was no answer by the deadline.



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