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STU48 ship theater may be delayed due to financial

STU48 had announced its plan to create a special theater on board a ship, which would then be used to perform around harbours of the Setouchi region. Although it was said that this theater would be unveiled this summer, things are not going that well. 

A person in the entertainment world, suspected as a Cyzo’s reporter said: 

“The plan was to start building the ship theater around March. But then information came out that it was taking longer than expected to settle with a contractor.” 

“The financial aspects and contrac period of contractor who was first to be tasked did not match conditions, so it was back to square one.” 

“Certainly, when it comes to building a theater on a ship, there needs to be an adequately large vessel and a somewhat appropriate level of luxury. Such a massive project, comes with an equally extravagant pricetag. However, it is confirmed that negotiations with another contractor are close to being settled.” 

In the original planning, the special STU48 theater would have been scheduled to move around the region this summer. 

“In case of everything going exceptionally smoothly, there seems to have also been a plan around showing off the ship theater during sousenkyo. On top of that, as STU48 would have been appearing at idol festivals and events all around this summer. The ship would have been docking at ports close to the events as well. Yet now it seems that the ship is far away from being completed.” 

STU48 is managed by an equally named company. Said company is funded by Setouchi DMO, a joint between the Setouchi Brand Corp and Setouchi Tourism Promotion Agency. 

“Setouchi DMO is a organization that aims for regional revitalization of the 7 prefectures around Setouchi and STU48 is part of that. For the idol group itself, AKS has dispatched management staff. However, fundwise DMO will have a large role. Also, Setouchi DMO based in Hiroahima. STU48’s debut live was held in Okayama but until the ship theater is completed, their base will be in Hiroshima. The other 6 prefectures involved do not feel comfortable with this. Each prefectural company also contributes funds, so when it goes on like that the risk of conflicts arising will increase.”

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