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Okada Nana blast AKS decision on AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo

Naachan : “It’s the first chance for STU48 member to perform in such a big stage, and they worked really hard for it. For it to be canceled member is really shocked, they must really want to perform in front of everyone. But we’ll do our best to be able do a revenge! The concert have been canceled, and the announcement is only attended by member and media. I really feel sorry about it. Member have done their best practicing, staff has putting efforts building the stage.Lot of poeople have involved on it for it to be canceled really hurt me. Everyone must have their own thoughts on it. But since it come to this, I have to change my mood and get ready for the sousenkyo.”

Naachan: “I arrived at Okinawa earlier because I have to participate on reharsal with STU member. That’s why I stayed on single room alone. I stayed on different hotel than other STU member, that’s too bad”

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