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Interview with Celine JKT48 want to inspire people

Interview with Celine JKT48 want to inspire people

TimGozzip: What Do You Do During JKT48 Joining?
Celine: The usual Celine do that, practice after tu kayak get together with my friends. Mostly so ..

TimGozzip: What Reasons You Want To Join In JKT48?
Celine: Initially, Celine wanted to inspire a lot of people. Pingin bring people who used to like JKT48 who already mipipir from JKT48 can come back again.

The Gozzip Team: What Wants To Achieve As a JKT48 Member in This Year?
Celine: This year, hopefully senbatsu can hopefully help other T team members to be able to enter senbatsu as well.

TimGozzip: What Would You Achieve in JKT48?
Celine: Initially want to be a movie star, so Celine try to make entry in JKT48 let Celine name known to many people.

TimGozzip: Already Passing A Lot Of Time With JKT48, When and What’s Your Favorite Time?
Celine: When all the members get together together keeps a lot of the stories. So, JKT48 is already like a family for Celine.

TimGozzip: Ever Feel Giving Up All Your Time Create JKT48? When?
Celine: If according to Celine sih family time is reduced because it has been handed all the time Celine to JKT48. At that time ever, fitting PKN school, his teacher was fierce, but Celine had permission to JKT48 activities.

TimGozzip: What is JKT48 Implementation Actually?
Celine: JKT48 is already a family like Celine because almost every day Celine meet the other members but according to Celine already exceed the family anyway.

TimGozzip: What’s the Difference Before and After Idol?
Celine: If before becoming a member, Celine was her son very pendiem. Bener-bener who is not talking at all. My Indonesian language is also not fluent, fit in. JKT48 Celine began to learn how to speak with a good Indonesian to socialize.

TimGozzip: What’s Your Future Hope in JKT48?
Celine: May be more successful, the more people known, the more advanced JKT48.

TimGozzip: What’s The Message For Fans?
Celine: I hope Celine continues to be the same for sure, support continue JKT48, Team T, and Celine. Do oshihen, if oshinya there are 2 yes 1 aja but in team T so.

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