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Internal conflict AKB48 members you should know

Instead of competing with other groups in the J-Pop music industry, AKB48 members must compete with each other. There are many reasons why the competition in internal conditions is even more heated than among idol groups, one and that has become a public secret is the popularity factor.

Historically, hundreds of members from 15 different generations in AKB48 are just a few that stand out. The remainder between as a complementary member who entered the Draft Member section and appeared while being required by the management alone, the other became a dancer behind the stage light of the theater which is almost every day held in Akihabara.

Internal imbalances make many cases pop up, competition among members is often unsportsmanlike, reported from Arama Japan, some of them even ventured to spread disgrace with each other in various ways, and the most effective and often done way is to submit a number evidence and documentation of photographs and videos referred to as the Anti-Love Rules violation scandal, one of the points in several Golden Rules applied in AKB48, to the controversial weekly magazine Shukan Bunshun.

The following internal conflicts of AKB48 members are inadvertently documented.

Shinoda Mariko and Takahashi Minami

Both Mariko and Minami, both are no longer members of AKB48. But when both of them are still active members, they have a vital role in the group. Minami Takahashi is a trusted producer Yasushi Akimoto to hold the title of Soukantoku (General Manager). Meanwhile, Mariko Shinoda served as Team A captain at AKB48, a position previously held by Takahashi Minami.

Mariko and Minami had quarreled because they differed from the principles and opinions on the policy of youth coaching in AKB48. When interviewed by Oricon media, Minami Takahashi dismantled the event with Mariko.

“At that time we had the dream of forming a better team, but our mindset was contradictory and far different from each other.Now young members can not be fostered, if the little bolt mentally drop directly.” Minami said.

“Mariko wants us to apply such a strict method, whereas I disagree and think that such a way will only make the progress of the team slow and will never progress.”

“The firm method and yelling of younger members may prevail in the days when AKB48 was formed, but not for now.Now they are younger members are more sensitive, so I disagree with the application that Mariko did.” continued Minami.

Both prestige continued for several years, arguing in local media to be something that fans often encounter almost every week, while their goal is the same, which makes AKB48 consistent and even more advanced.

In 2013, when AKB48 held a graduation concert of Shinoda Mariko, the two openly talked to each other in front of tens of thousands of fans and hundreds of other members who became junior, about their fights during membership.

“Eight years of being at AKB48, and my adventure will end, back to recall when I was involved in an argument with Takahashi Minami.” said Mariko.

In an interview after his graduation concert was completed, Mariko Shinoda praised Minami Takahashi.

“I believe that Takamina is best suited to be a leader in AKB48.A strong principle and never giving up is always a compliment and often imitated by young members and fans.He is like a role model for this group.” Mariko said.

Takahashi Minami then graduated from AKB48 in March 2016, her graduation concert held in front of tens of thousands of fans. Soukantoku’s post was handed over to Yokoyama Yui which marks the new era of AKB48 begun.

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