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AKB48 Members who ever had sex with their boyfriend

AKB48 are actually allowed their members to have a boyfriend. The likes of golden rules is just a kidding in that time, producer Akimoto Yasushi confirms. 

In the past years, current AKB48 members who has boyfriend and having some sex without knowing by fans, revealed by Bunshun. 

1. Sashibara Rino 

Not even debate that Sashihara Rino has the most ridiculous sex scandal among AKB48 members. She’s got caught by only wearing bra without other clotes when had sex with her boyfriend as released by Bunshun. 

2. Minegishi Minami 

Minegishi’s career dropped since she had sex scandal. Even though she have been apologises with cut all her hair off into bald. Her fans will never forget when Minegishi Minami doing a sex in the hotel. 

3. Anna Iriyama 

Iriyama Anna has a British boyfriend who’s living and working in Tokyo. As it revealed by Bunshun, she got caught for having a long-night sex scandal with her boyfriend.

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